With some extra attention around the house, you can help keep your family and home healthy and safe. Advanced technology is available to mitigate dangers like dirty air, unhealthy water, burglaries, and more. Here are 6 ways to take action and make your home a safer, healthier environment.

Clean Air

Indoor air can build up contaminants and become unhealthier than the air outside. This is especially likely to happen in a newer home that’s tightly sealed. The best solution to cleaner indoor air is to invest in an air purifier.

Air purifiers vary in size and the type of technology used, but one with a HEPA filter is the most effective. Measure the room you’ll be using it in and find one that will work within that area.

Clean Water

Just like the air you breathe, the purity of the water you drink is also important. Most tap water has contaminants of some sort. Fortunately, home water filters are becoming more affordable and effective at removing pollutants. Get your water tested and then select a water filter that is specifically designed to remove those toxins from your water.

Reduce Allergens to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

Reducing allergens in the home is as simple as regularly cleaning the floors, dusting surfaces, and laundering fabrics. Dust, pet dander, and pollen settle on both hard and soft surfaces of the home. Develop a thorough cleaning schedule to keep allergens at bay.

Maintain Safety Alarms

Smoke and CO alarms are the first line of defense against deadly smoke and carbon monoxide. They must have fresh batteries to work properly, so be sure to test all safety devices in the home monthly.

Home Security

Every home is made safer by installing a home security system. No matter where you live, your home could be the target of a burglary. There are endless options for home security systems, from those with 24/7 surveillance to smart systems where you can view footage remotely using an app.

Make Your Home Healthy and Safe with Secure Railings

Wobbly railings on staircases, decks, and balconies are often the cause of accidents. Check the railings around the house periodically, and if there is any movement when you apply pressure, have them fixed or replaced.

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