With assisted living facilities being more crowded and expensive than ever, many senior citizens are choosing to live at home. It is important that elderly people’s homes are safe and easy to navigate. If you have an elderly loved one, follow these tips to help make his or her home safe for seniors.

Eliminate Tripping Hazards to Make a Home Safe for Seniors

The first thing you should do to make a home safe for seniors is to take steps to prevent falls. This may include removing area rugs, cleaning up clutter, and moving electrical wires away from walkways.

Emergency Contacts Available

Keeping emergency numbers handy is an important step to make the home safe for seniors. If you can’t be there 24/7, make sure that your loved one has all emergency contacts accessible on a list and saved on speed dial.

Some seniors find smartphones and new technology hard to use. A basic phone or tablet with a large keypad and screen is more user-friendly for seniors. If he or she does not have a cell phone, be sure to invest in something like Life Alert.

Fire Safety Makes a Home Safe for Seniors

If a senior insists on using a space heater, make sure that it’s kept at least three feet away from anything flammable like curtains or furniture. Check the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Inspect extension cords and other power cords for damage and replace them as needed.

What About the Kitchen and Bathroom?

The kitchen and bathroom are the riskiest rooms in the house. To make your home safe for seniors, install handrails around the tub and the toilet. Invest in things like rubber slip-proof mats, a nightlight in the bathroom, and a handheld showerhead. In the kitchen, move all items to areas they can reach without having to climb on a stepstool or bend down low.

Bedroom Safety

Make sure the bed is not too high off the ground for an elderly person to get in and out of it. Install nightlights all around the bedroom to keep walking areas well-lit. Put a sturdy chair or bench in the bedroom to help when getting dressed.

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