Termites are found in most areas of the world and can cause substantial structural damage to your property if not dealt with immediately. Learn how to determine if you have a termite problem so you can take prompt action. Here are five common signs of termites in the home.

Easy to Spot Signs of Termites

1) Termite Droppings

Termite droppings, also known as frass, are one of the more obvious signs you have termites in your home. Frass is similar in appearance to sawdust, and you might spot it in small piles around walls and windowsills. This material results from termites burrowing into wooden structures and pushing their droppings out from the holes they create. Frass is a sure sign there are termites on your property.

2) Mud Tubes are Signs of Termites

Mud tubes are thin tunnels that connect from the ground to your house. Termites use them to get inside a house from underground while avoiding the elements. Look for mud tunnels outside your home anywhere the foundation meets the ground. The climate inside these tubes is ideal for termites to travel into your house. Call a professional if you notice brown mud tubes on the walls or foundation.

3) Hollow Wood

Hollow wood is a common sign of termites. Because termites tunnel into wood and consume it from the inside out, the remaining wood will be hollow. While there may be no apparent damage on the outside of wooden structures, the wood may feel soft when pressed or sound hollow if you knock on it. Since termites thrive in dark and damp environments, they leave the outside of wooden components intact.

4) Signs of Termites: Discarded Wings

Termites don’t usually have wings. However, when a colony gets too large, members of the colony will grow wings to mate and relocate to a new nesting site. After mating, termites shed their wings. You might notice piles of discarded transparent wings near windowsills and other openings.

5) Termites Look Like White Ants

One of the most obvious signs of termites is spotting white ants. Termites look similar to ants, but white ants don’t exist. Termites spend most of their time in dark spaces, so they are pale with translucent or semi-translucent bodies. You’ll find termites on or around walls or wooden flooring. You might also spot them outdoors in the woodpile or your basement. If you see insects that look like white ants, you have termites on your property and should seek professional help immediately.

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