Once the snow clears and the temperatures start rising, it’s a good time of year to relocate to a new home. Moving can feel stressful. Here are a few tips to make moving in spring a success.

Pack Moisture-Sensitive Items in Totes

You hope it doesn’t rain on moving day, but spring weather can be unpredictable. A few sprinkles on a cardboard box aren’t a huge concern, but pack them in plastic tote boxes if you have moisture-sensitive items. Plastic will keep your belongings dry, regardless of what the weather brings.

Protect the Flooring When Moving in Spring

If it rains on moving day, don’t track water into the home each time you go in and out. Tape cardboard boxes to the floor, focusing on the paths you’ll walk on the most. The cardboard will absorb moisture and protect the floors. Taping it down will keep it from sliding with foot traffic. Recycle the cardboard after the move is finished.

Alternatively, you might use runner rugs or canvas drop-cloths, available at the local hardware store to protect the flooring.

Keep Rain Gear Handy

Don’t pack the rain jackets and boots in the moving boxes when moving in spring. Keep them accessible in case of bad weather. Even if you don’t use them on moving day, you might need rain gear during your first days in the new home. You’ll appreciate that jackets, boots, and umbrellas are easy to find without unpacking moving boxes.

Hold a Yard Sale Before Moving in Spring

Spring is a great season for yard sales. After months of winter weather, friends and neighbors are ready to get out of the house. Take advantage of this opportunity, and host a yard sale a few weeks before your move. Sell items you no longer use, so you won’t have to pack them.

Book the Movers ASAP

Because the spring season is more pleasant, moving companies will have a lot of clients, and you’ll be competing with them for scheduling. As soon as you learn you’ll have to move, call around to get quotes. The earlier you schedule, the more likely you will book your preferred moving date.

Load the Truck When Pollen Counts Are Low

Don’t load the moving truck when pollen counts are high if you suffer from allergies. When packing the truck, less pollen will settle on the boxes and end up in your new home. Pollen counts tend to be lower in the late morning and early afternoon. Move boxes during these times of day to reduce the chances of allergic reactions.

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