To be a better homeowner, take care of regular upkeep. You’ll improve your living spaces, keep the household running efficiently, and extend the life expectancy of appliances. Here is a list of monthly home maintenance chores that you shouldn’t overlook.

Replace HVAC filters as Part of Your Monthly Home Maintenance

The heating and cooling system in your home has a filter that traps pollutants from circulating in the air you breathe. Replace the HVAC filter monthly. This improves your indoor air quality, makes the unit more efficient, and can help your heating and cooling system work well for longer.

Test Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors provide an early warning in case of fire. They can save lives and help preserve your property. Test the smoke detectors throughout your house once a month. Keep fresh batteries on hand in case a device isn’t functioning. Replace smoke detector units completely after 10 years.

Monthly Home Maintenance Includes Vacuuming the Dryer Vent

Along with cleaning the lint trap every time you dry a load of clothes, it’s important to keep the dryer vent free of lint, too. The combination of heat from the clothes dryer and lint can start a house fire. Each month, take time to clean your dryer’s vent using your vacuum cleaner and a slim attachment.

Deep-Clean Appliances

Keeping household appliances clean will make them last longer and run more efficiently. At least monthly, deep-clean your appliances. Clean the stovetop and oven, scrub the grates, and remove grease and food particles from around the burners.

It’s important to keep the microwave clean, as food that is left inside continues to cook each time the appliance is operated. This can lead to hot spots and cause food to cook unevenly. Vacuum the coils of your refrigerator. The coils allow heat to disperse and this appliance won’t function as efficiently if the coils are covered in dust and pet hair.

Clean the Dishwasher Filter

If your dishwasher has a filter, clean it once a month. This filter traps particles of food that are rinsed off of your dishes. A clogged filter will cause your machine to run less efficiently and dishes won’t be sparkling clean. Consult your owner’s manual to locate the dishwasher filter and learn how to wash it properly.

Remove Dust from Vent Covers

At least monthly, vacuum the vent covers in your home. These covers are plastic, wood, or metal and will collect dust over time. Use a vacuum with attachments or remove plastic or metal covers and wash them in the sink using a mild detergent. Wooden covers can be wiped down with a damp cloth and then dried with a separate cloth. Clean the vents to help improve air quality and extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling system.

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