If you often plan cookouts with friends and family in the backyard, you probably enjoy using your grill. Neglecting to clean the grill makes it unsanitary, affects the flavor of your food, and causes excessive wear and tear. Here are 5 steps for keeping your grill clean and safe to use.

Keeping Your Grill Clean Involves Scrubbing the Grates

Whether you have a gas or charcoal grill, the grates accumulate burned food and grease with every use. To clean the grates properly, use a grill brush to remove this build-up. If the grates haven’t been cleaned in a while, remove them and soak the grates in a mild soap and water solution. After several hours, the baked-on grease and food particles will easily come off. Dry them thoroughly before returning the grates to the grill.

Clean the Interior

Often when cooking on a grill, food particles and grease drip into the grill box. The build-up in the grill box reduces airflow which affects how well the grill heats your food. Scrape the inside of the grill with a spatula to loosen the build-up and then use a shop vac to remove loose debris. Empty the drip pan and line it with aluminum foil for easier cleaning in the future.

Check the Gas Lines

If you have a gas grill, the fuel lines may develop holes and the connections can become loose. To check the lines for leaks, make a solution of water and dish soap and rub it on the hoses and connections. Open the gas valve and look for bubbles forming. This will indicate fuel is leaking. Tighten the connections or replace the hoses as needed.

Unclog the Burners

A gas grill’s burners can become clogged when food particles and grease fall into the small openings. Clean burners provide a steady source of heat so food cooks more evenly. Check the manual to learn the best way to clean the burners on your particular grill. Some burners can be removed to be cleaned easily.

Keeping the Exterior of Your Grill Clean

Keep the exterior of the grill clean by wiping it down with a sponge and dish soap solution. Dish soap is effective at removing grease from the lid, knobs, handles, and shelves of the grill. To protect it from the elements, cover the grill when not in use. However, don’t cover the grill until it has completely cooled down.

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