Building a new home is a major investment. You’ll buy land, choose the builder, and offer input about the features you want in your new home. When the build is complete, you look forward to moving into your new house. However, in all of the excitement, don’t forget to schedule a home inspection. Let’s look at a few reasons to order an inspection on new construction.

Order an Inspection on New Construction

Your builder will oversee the construction, but it’s not possible for them to keep an eye on every aspect of the build. There will be contractors, sub-contractors, and teams of workers involved with your home. Electricians, framers, drywall installers, a flooring crew, painters, and roofers are just some of the professionals that will contribute to the project. Mistakes may be made and defective materials may be used.

What Does the Inspector Look For?

It may seem like a newly built house will be problem-free, but that is not always the case. Your home inspector will examine the components and systems in the home, from the power outlets and water faucets to major systems like the foundation and roof structure.

The home inspector will verify the electrical outlets are grounded and that GFCI outlets are installed where needed. He or she will check for plumbing issues and make sure the system is working properly. A home inspector may find grading and drainage problems that could lead to standing water, basement leaks, and mold growth. They will also notice foundation cracks or defective materials used during construction.

Identify Safety Concerns with an Inspection on New Construction

A home inspector is trained to find defects and safety hazards. During a home inspection, the inspector will check for everything from smoke detectors to structural issues. The inspector might also find loose handrails or missing deck railings.

Save Money

By ordering an inspection before closing on the property, you learn about the condition of the home. The inspector will provide a report detailing the findings and he or she will list any repairs that need to be made. Before closing, ask the builder to make repairs so the home is move-in ready. This way you won’t have to plan for repairs in the immediate future.

Be Confident in Your New Home

When an inspector finds few or no problems, you’ll be confident in your home purchase and you can move forward without worrying about the condition and safety of your new home.

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