You need water for cooking and bathing, but water in the wrong places can be destructive to your house. Preventing residential water damage will help to extend the life of your house, from the roof to the foundation. Understanding the causes of water damage in the home can save you money and keep your property in good condition. Other than natural disasters, like hurricanes and floods, water damage can also happen as a result of issues with your home.

Causes of Water Damage: Leaky Roof

As a homeowner, you don’t want to have to deal with a leaking roof. Keep an eye on your roofing for signs that it’s beginning to fail. Most people wait until they notice water damage on the ceiling and then start searching for leaks, but sometimes you can detect, or even prevent, a leaky roof by knowing what to look for. Missing, broken, or warped shingles provide early warning that the roof is compromised. Check your home’s roof after high winds or hailstorms. The damage may be covered by your homeowners insurance if you file the claim right away. If you take action as soon as possible, a leak may never develop.

Problems With Downspouts and Gutters

The job of gutters and downspouts is to carry water away from your house. When something goes wrong with this system, it can actually be worse than not having gutters at all. Incorrect installation of gutter nails can cause water to infiltrate the walls, leading to mildew and rot. Misdirected downspouts might carry water toward the foundation, where it could work its way into the basement or crawlspace. Make sure that all gutters and downspouts flow freely and direct water away from the house.

Plumbing Leaks are Common Causes of Water Damage

Don’t underestimate the amount of water damage that can occur from slowly-leaking pipes. Even just a drop every few seconds will cause issues. To detect hidden leaks, check your water meter reading before going to bed and revisit it in the morning. Get started tracking down the cause of a leak before it does more damage. Even if structural damage doesn’t occur, the moisture could cause unhealthy mold growth that aggravates allergies and asthma.

Malfunctioning Appliances

Sinks, water heaters, toilets, washing machines, and any other water-using appliance in your home can develop leaks, causing damage. Don’t ignore damp areas under appliances. Any amount of water leaking from an appliance is a problem. If your water meter check reveals a leak, check the appliances first.

Water is essential for comfortable living. On the other hand, it can cause problems like structural damage, mold growth, and a favorable environment for termites and other pests. Catch problems early when you keep an eye out for signs of residential water damage.

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