If you’re buying an older house or need to renew the homeowners insurance policy on your current home, you may be required to order a 4-point inspection. Learn more about a 4-point home inspection and why some insurance companies will require one.

What is a 4-Point Inspection?

During a 4-point inspection, the home inspector will look at the four main systems of a house.

  • He or she will examine the electrical system to determine what type of wiring the home has. The inspector will look at the overall condition of the electrical panel and circuits.
  • Your homeowners insurance company will want to know about the condition of your roof. The inspector will note whether the roofing is shingle, tile, metal, or wood. He or she will also record the approximate age of the roof and will note any damages or leaks.
  • During a 4-point inspection, the inspector will check the plumbing for leaks and to determine what type of pipes the house has been fitted with. The inspector will also note the condition and age of the water heater.
  • The home inspector will look at the HVAC system. He or she will be looking for signs of leaks. The inspector will describe the overall condition, and will record the age of the heating and air conditioning unit.

Why Do I Need a 4-Point Home Inspection?

A 4-point inspection is often required by homeowners insurance companies when they are determining what type of coverage they will offer for a home. Most companies will require this type of inspection on any home that is older than 40 years. Older homes often require more repairs and are a higher risk for the insurance provider.

What if I’m Denied Insurance Coverage?

An insurance company may deny coverage to a home with a failing roof. Because the roofing is a key component of any house, it’s necessary that the roof be in good condition. Some homes are denied coverage because of a plumbing system with polybutylene pipes. This type of pipe has a greater risk of bursting, leading to an insurance claim. These are just a couple of examples that may lead to the provider denying coverage.

If you are denied coverage, it is in your best interest to make repairs and improvements to the property. Otherwise, you can shop around for another insurance provider who might offer limited coverage on your property.

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